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Long Island Ferry Terminal
Maine DOT
Long Island, ME

Above and below water inspection of Ferry Terminal Berthing Facility.

North Haven Ferry Terminal
Maine DOT
North Haven, ME

Above and below water inspection of Ferry Terminal Berthing Facility.

Nantucket Yacht Club
Nantucket, MA

Above and below water inspection of 600 linear feet of Steel Sheet Pile bulkheads.

Ipswich Street Bride
Storch Associates
Boston, MA

Underwater inspection of Bridge Abutments.

National Park Services *
Charlestown, MA

Underwater and above water inspections of Piers 1 & 2 and associated bulkheads.

MDC-Harbor Island
Boston Harbor
Boston, MA

Above and below water inspections of piers at George Island. Included design and construction documents based on inspection results.

Marine Industrial Park
Boston, MA

Underwater investigation of sunken barge in the Marine Industrial Park. Inspection results were for preparation of plans and specifications for removal and all necessary permits.

Boston, MA

Under water investigation of two broken steel Marine Industrial Park pipe piles. The investigation results lead to the design, and construction permits, for the repair of these piles.

Town of Marblehead
Dolliber Cove Seawall

Underwater investigation of the foundation system for a granite seawall and stacked wharf system. Investigation was used for design and construction documents of seawall repair.

Terminal Street - Berth 10
Boston, MA

Inspection of timber piles, concrete deck, EDIC/Boston, MA Design of pile and pilecap repairs and new concrete deck.

Massachusetts Port Authority * Boston, MA

  • Fish Pier -Underwater and above water Stone Seawall Inspection and fender system design
  • Conley Terminal (Berths 11 and 12) - Timber Pile and timber pile bulkhead
  • Inspection; Steel Bulkhead Design
  • Hoosac Pier - Steel sheet pile bulkhead inspection
  • Bird Island Flats - Inspection and design of shore protection and stone seawalls.

Eastport Port Authority *
Eastport, ME

1000 foot steel bulkhead/breakwater Inspec.

Casco Bay Ferry Terminal *
Portland, ME

Above and below water inspection of timber wharf for ferry terminal expansion.

MDC, Revere Beach *
Revere, MA

Inspection of 3000 feet of concrete seawall and design of repairs.

Mobil Oil Corp. *
East Boston, MA

Underwater Relieving Platform Inspection.

Ultramar *
Chelsea, MA

Underwater and above water marine terminal pierinspection and design.

State of Maine DOT *
Lincolnville/Islesboro, ME

Inspection above and underwater of two existing ferry berthing facilities.

* Individual experience of Ronald R. Bourne, PE prior to Bourne Consulting Engineering.