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Bulk Cargo Terminal Rehabilitation
Eastern Minerals
Chelsea, MA
Construction Cost: $1,500,000+
Contact: Leo Mahoney

Project consisted of performing design of bulk cargo terminal rehabilitation handling 750 foot long and greater vessels. Services included design of large crane/berthing dolphins for 235 ton cranes used for unloading of cargo. Other services included design of steel sheet pile bulkheads, H-pile with lagging bulkheads, shore protection, dredging and permitting. Assisted owner for the preparation of construction documents, construction services and field inspection of work.

Bulk Cargo Terminal Modifications
Atlantic Salt, Inc.
Staten Island, NY
Contact: Leo Mahoney

Project consists of modifying existing bulk cargo terminal for unloading 750 foot plus long vessels containing salt for de-icing to meet the requirements of New York DEC requirements. Services include layout and design of crane/ berthing dolphins for 235 ton cranes used for off loading of vessels. Other services included design of slope protection, design of salt containment walls and storm water runoff control.

Derby & Central Wharf
Salem Maritime National Historic Site
Salem, MA
Construction Cost: $5,500,000
Contact: Tom Donald

Project included the design for rehabilitation of two wharfs while maintaining their 250 feet of cellular cofferdam historical significance. Major project elements included design of a 700 foot steel sheet pile bulkhead, 400 feet of timber bulkhead and repairs to an existing steel bulkhead. Facility designed to accommodate visiting Naval vessels during special events.

Terminal Street Rehabilitation
Boston, MA
Construction Cost: $2,210,000
Contact: Paul Osborne

Project consisted of developing repairs for the existing piles and pile caps as well as design of a new concrete deck. Services included field inspection, design of repairs, design of a concrete composite deck, preparation of contract documents and construction phase services.

North Haven Ferry Terminal
Maine DOT
Augusta, ME
Construction Cost: $2.5M
Contact: Paul Pottle

Project included field investigation, hydrographic survey and inspection of existing waterfront structures. In the design phase of the project BCE provided the layout and design of the berthing dolphins and established the critical elevations for the transfer bridge access for the ferries. The project allowed for phasing of construction such that no interruption of service was required and the project is currently under construction and scheduled for completion in 1995.

I-91 Platform - Boat Access Facility
Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
Hartford, CT
Construction Cost:
Contact: Joseph Marfuggi

Project included the design and preparation of contract drawings and technical specifications. The final design consisted of a sheet pile bulkhead with gangway access to seasonal floats. Dredging and rip rap were also required as part of the project. A critical element of the project was the limited space for the bulkhead and its tie-back/deadman structures because of other structures associated with this waterfront park and that all structures would be underwater during the seasonal flooding of the river.

Wharf Expansion*
Eastport Port Authority
Eastport, ME
Construction Cost: $3,200,000

Design of a 400 foot by 40 wharf expansion to provide 1000 pounds per square foot live loading and 40 foot drafts. Wharf had to accommodate Panamax vessels. Site was unique with standard 18 foot tide ranges and extreme tide ranges of 28 feet. Deck design included loading for a 100 ton mobile crane along face of wharf.

Marine Terminal Rehabilitation*
Cibro Petroleum
Port of Albany
Albany, NY
Construction Cost: $5.3 Million

Field inspection, design (limited) and resident engineer for the construction of a 1,500 foot long berth with 32 foot drafts for petroleum terminal utilized by crude oil cargo tankers and large ocean going barges. Construction included cellular cofferdams, tied-back and cantilever sheet pile walls.

Marine Terminal Reconstruction*
Ultramar Petroleum
Chelsea Terminal
Chelsea, MA
Construction Cost: $250,000

Inspection, permits, design and construction services for the construction of a petroleum terminal for 700 foot plus vessels. Services included working closely with terminal manager to reduce costs and meet terminal requirements.

Petroleum Terminal - Pier Inspection*
East Boston Terminal
Mobil Oil Corporation
East Boston, MA

Performed above water and supervised underwater inspection of relieving platform. Original inspection to determine performance of pile wrapping resulted in findings of serious deterioration of other portions of structure. Performed feasibility analysis for client for determination whether facility should be repaired or replaced.

Marine Terminal Repairs*
BP Oil Company
Chelsea, MA
Construction Cost: $250,000

Performed inspection of Tanker/Barge facility and assessed existing conditions and made recommendations for repairs to access Pier, berthing area and large concrete berthing dolphins. Work included preparation of contract drawings, bid documents, and construction administration.

Pier Rehabilitation*
IMIT - Bayonne
Bayonne, NJ
Construction Cost: $500,000

Inspection of existing and design of marine terminal for berthing 700+ foot long liquid cargo vessel. Design included fender system, access walkways, pipe supports and phasing construction.

* Individual experience of Ronald R. Bourne, PE prior to Bourne Consulting Engineering.