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What's News @ BCE!!!!

PROJECTS - Recent highlights of some of our clients and their projects

    Island-Wide, Cape Verde

    BCE was selected as part of a Design-Build Team, to perform the design of three (3) moveable vehicle transfer bridges to accommodate existing Ro-Ro Ferries as well as a new high speed vehicle ferry for separate islands. Effort included investigation of existing landings, evaluation of existing and new ferry operational limits, design of movable ramp, support towers, concrete transition ramp and movable ferry operation system. Design loading based on maximum truck loading and construction vehicle loading criteria. Effort was Phase I for an eventual nine (9) sites all on all the major islands in Cape Verde.

    Massport Maritime On-Call Consultant
    Boston, MA

    BCE was selected by MASSPORT in 2009 to perform as their On-Call Maritime Consultant for a period of 2 years. This was the second time that BCE has been selected by MASSPORT to provide these services. During the period of the agreement BCE has been performing services on a number of tasks located primarily at Conley Terminal but also tasks at the Boston Fish Pier and at Mystic Pier 1.

    Specific marine engineering inspection and assessment tasks included evaluation of the Berth 14 Backland slab condition and development of safe loading criteria; review of recently replaced fender system at the Boston Fish Pier and development of repairs/modifications repairs necessary to make it fully functional; and investigation of seawall failure at Mystic Pier 1.

    Boston, Ma

    BCE performed the design and obtained regulatory approvals for the rehabilitation of a community sailing center. Efforts include planning and redesign of facility layout, expansion of pier area and boat berthing space and incorporation of ADA access. Design included floating docks, ramps for launching, floats for handicap sailing access, dock side utilities, offshore sloping float high performance vessel storage and launching, dock operations building, jib crane relocation and boat ramp reconstruction. Project is now in construction.

    Salem, MA

    BCE has been retained by the City of Salem to perform the design of a proposed commercial wharf expansion for the City of Salem. The major elements programmed into the facility include vessel berthing for passenger ferry service, visiting vessels/tall ships, excursion vessels and operations, cruise ship calls, offshore supply vessel, lobster vessel berthing and water taxi docking. BCE is responsible for the overall project management to lead a team of sub consultants as well as for all marine/waterfront engineering design and planning elements for the redevelopment of the Blaney Street site.

    BCE effort has included a Management and Operation Study as well as application for all regulatory approvals which have been approved. Final design/construction documents are now in progress.

    Lynn, MA

    BCE provided engineering design services for the redevelopment of the Blossom Street Waterfront Facility as a commercial passenger vessel facility and has obtained all the regulatory approvals. The project elements include reconstruction of existing boat ramp, upland site improvements and infrastructure, steel bulkhead reconstruction and expansion, filling and dredging of intertidal area and an ADA/MAAB accessible ferry landing that can accommodate the berthing of two vessels. BCE has completed the final design and contract documents for all phases as well as construction of the first Phase of the project which includes the boat ramp reconstruction and the upland improvements.

    Plymouth, MA

    BCE was retained by the Town Of Plymouth to provide consulting and design services for the redevelopment of the Town Wharf commercial pier. Purpose of pier design is to provide full commercial support to the Town of Plymouthís commercial fishermen including protective berthing, pier side services, product/equipment transfer capacity, truck access and harbormaster offices. Based on the identified uses, alternative plans were developed to achieve a preferred plan, construction cost estimates were prepared and recommendations were provided on site needs and requirements. Services included assessment of existing uses, determination of current pier condition, development of alternatives, preliminary design, and filing of regulatory approvals. Regulatory reviews and approvals are currently underway and BCE is now completing final design plans and construction documents for the new concrete decked piers. Design includes wave protection, fendering, mooring, utilities and fish handling cranes.

  • MASSACHUSETTS CZM /DCR, Coastal Infrastructure Inventory & Assessment
    State Wide, Massachusetts
    Boston, MA

    BCE was retained by CZM/DCR to perform a inventory and assessment of all the public coastal protective structures located along the complete exposed coastal shoreline of Massachusetts. The effort included field location by GPS of all state and local structures along with a preliminary determination of structure condition, the structure importance for coastal protection and the estimated rehabilitation cost to return the structure to 100 percent capacity. A database of all structures was developed that categorized each structure by type, length, height, flood elevation, ownership and date of construction. Research for all structures was performed to identify all Town, State and regulatory documents associated with each structure as well as digital photographs documenting condition at time of inspection. The study encompassed all Massachusetts coastal communities and over 1,200 coastal structures.

BCE PERSONNEL UPDATES - Changes and Highlights of our Staff
  • Off to Bermuda (again!)
    BCE Engineers/Divers recently went to Bermuda to perform underwater inspection of the Islandís infrastructure including Ferry Docks, Bridge Foundations and Offshore Channel Markers. Bourne Consulting Engineering was retained by the Bermuda Government through the Ministry of Works and Engineering to perform this work and is an extension of previous work by BCE in the upgrade of six existing passenger ferry sites and the creation of three new ferry landings.

  • NHI Certified Underwater Bridge Inspection Engineer/Divers All of our engineers recently completed an Underwater Bridge Inspection Course with the National Highway Institute. We now are one of the few Engineering Companies in Massachusetts who have the Certification to perform Underwater Bridge Inspections. We are currently doing underwater bridge inspections for the MBTA.

  • Kevin Buruchian joined BCE one year ago as a Waterfront Engineer/Diver. He is a graduate of the University Of New Hampshire with a degree in Civil Engineering. He also has experience with steel, concrete and timber design as well as topographic surveying and hydrographic surveying. He is an open water scuba diver.

  • Patrick E. Hanley has joined BCE as a Waterfront Structural Engineer/Diver He is a graduate of Merrimack College with a BS in Civil Engineering. Mr. Hanley has experience in concrete, steel and timber design as well as inspection of bridges, piers, topographic surveying and hydrographic survey

  • Alyssa Richard is our Environment Specialist. She brings to the BCE Team her intimate knowledge of the marine environment. She is a graduate of University Of Rhode Island and also has a B.A. degree in Biology from Boston University. Ms. Richardís role is to act as the primary liaison with regulatory agencies including the preparation of regulatory applications. Her previous experience has included working with state agencies in Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.


    Ronald R. Bourne, PE, President of BCE recently obtained his Professional Engineering License to Practice in Nova Scotia.

    We would also like to extend our congratulations to one of our engineers Patrick Hanley & his wife Christina on their recent marriage. Best wishes to them on many happy years together!!

REGULATORY UPDATES - What's changing in the regulatory process

  • Time of year restrictions (TOY):

    Time-of-year restrictions are a common way to protect nesting, feeding, and other activities that happen in a specific location during specific times of the year. A condition of many regulatory permits will include a time of year (TOY) restriction as needed to protect the species from the applicant's authorized activity.
    If you have a project that is located in an area that may include one or more species that warrant protection, you may need to contract with a consultant to look for the species. MA DMF is currently working towards a comprehensive TOY protocol for all Towns and watersheds in MA. This comprehensive plan will allow for more streamlined regulatory applications. MA DMF has also been working with municipalities on Cape Cod to address concerns of limited dredge windows for their many established approach and inlet channels.

  • In-Lieu Fee (ILF):

    US ACE has entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game, Division of Marine Fisheries to establish a program of fees in lieu of on-site mitigation for minor impact to marine resources including Essential Fish Habitat. ILF mitigation will occur in circumstances where a permittee is required to compensate for the functions and values of marine resources including Essential Fish Habitat lost as a result of the authorization to conduct work in waters of the United States after all efforts are made to avoid and minimize impacts. Recipients of permits or authorizations for projects in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts may be eligible to use the ILF program to satisfy mitigation requirements of the Corps MA PGP. Use of the ILF program is contingent on Corps approval.

  • Good News - Beneficial Reuse is the word:

    Beneficial reuse is new a key word that we are hearing more and more from dredging projects. Hopefully this is a sign that dredge material is getting away from the image that it's all dirty and contaminated. In several cases we have had state environmental regulators putting pressure on local Commissions to allow beneficial use of clean dredge material for beach renourishment, currently there is pressure to avoid disposal in landfills and offshore disposal if there is acceptable shoreline/upland uses.

  • Dredging Ė on the deeper issues:

    Increased sensitivity to dredging of new sites or deeper on existing sites (New Dredging) for private and public activities is becoming more apparent. It appears that state and federal regulatory reviewers are becoming more reluctant to authorize dredging of areas that have not previously been dredged without compelling reasons and justification. This will need close watching to see how this develops. As we all know, the regulatory process tends to get tougher each year.
CLIENT'S BERTH - Information that may be beneficial to our clients
  • DCR - Office of Waterways is now selecting the consultants that it will have on its Master Services Agreement (MSA). This is important for our public sector clients in terms of getting funding from DCR - Office of Waterways for their projects. All Town and City consultants used on DCR funded projects will need to come from these MSA lists.

    BCE is proud to announce that we are currently on the DEM's MSA list for Survey and Engineering.