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Underwater Investigation
Herreshoff Museum
Bristol, RI

Underwater location and investigation of marine railway foundation and its condition. Investigation of underwater debris type and location.

Seawall Investigation Fort Point Channel Restoration Project
CA/T Project C-09D
Boston, MA

Underwater investigation of seawall foundation piles including underwater video and determination of pile diameters for relieving platform.

Bulkhead Inspection
Newburyport Waterfront Promenade
Newburyport, MA

Underwater inspection and assessment of existing cellular bulkhead with recommendation for repair and maintenance.

Spectacle Island
DEM - Waterways
Hingham, MA

Underwater investigation of newly construction barge units for determination structural condition and coating thickness for acceptance by owner.

Union Boat House
Charles River
Boston, MA

Inspection of existing boathouse foundation and provided recommendations for repair/reconstruction.

Bourne and Sagamore Bridge Inspection
Cape Cod Canal
Bourne, MA

Inspection of bridge abutments as a sub-consultant to Lichtenstein for the ACOE as part of their ongoing bridge inspection and assessment program.

Westport Dive Inspection
DEM - Waterways
Hingham, MA

Underwater investigation of existing conditions of Town pier for determination of requirements for repair and verification of previous surveys.

Facility Assessment
Port of Rochester
Genesee River
Rochester, NY

As part of overall facility assessment, underwater inspection and assessment of a 2300 lf steel sheet pile bulkhead with metal thickness measurements at 50 ft intervals and determination of remaining life.

Construction Verification Dive Inspection
Bulkeley Bridge
Riverfront Recapture, Inc.
Hartford, CT

Underwater review and verification of shoreline and bridge scour protection as to conformance to contract documents.

Long Island Ferry Terminal
Casco Bay
Maine DOT
Augusta, ME

Underwater investigation of existing conditions of Town pier and ferry berth facility for determination of requirements for repair and reconstruction.

Bulkhead Investigation
Nantucket Yacht Club
Nantucket, MA

Above and below water inspection of 600 linear feet of steel sheet pile bulkhead with thickness measurements and assessment of remaining life.

Ipswich Street Bridge
Storch Associates
Boston, MA

Underwater inspection of bridge abutments.

Georges Island
MDC - Harbor Islands
Boston Harbor
Boston, MA

Above and below water investigation of piers at Georges Island. Included design and construction documents based on inspection results.

Wharf 8
Boston, MA

Underwater investigation of sunken barge in the marine industrial park. Inspection results were for the preparation of plans and specifications for removal of barge as well as all necessary permits.

Marine Industrial Park
Boston, MA

Underwater investigation of two broken steel pipe piles. The investigation results lead to the design, and construction permits, for the repair of these piles.

Tucker's Wharf
Town of Marblehead
Marblehead, MA

Underwater investigation of the foundation system for a granite seawall and stacked wharf system. Investigation was used for design and construction documents of seawall repair.

Terminal Street - Berth 10
EDIC/Boston, MA
South Boston, MA

Inspection of timber piles, concrete deck, Design of pile and pile cap repairs and new concrete deck.

Granite Wharf / Barge Inspection
MDC - South Boston Beaches
South Boston, MA

Underwater investigation of a filled granite wharf and bottom survey of the proposed barge location for debris and old piles.

East Haddam Swing Bridge
East Haddam, CT

Underwater inspection of swing bridge pier. Performed repair verification and final quantities for underwater repair.

Westport Town Piers
Westport, MA

Underwater inspection of filled and pile supported piers and wharf utilized for commercial fishing off loading.

Fisherman's Wharf
Woods Hole, MA

Underwater inspection of pile supported pier. Inspection led to total rehabilitation of pier.

Deer Island Transfer Pier
Boston, MA

Underwater inspection of steel pipe pile supported pier that is used for material barge storage and transfer of trucks and equipment for construction project. The piles were measured ultrasonically to determine the remaining life and existing capacity of the pier.