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Ferry Docking Facilities
Nine Separate Ferry Landings
Hamilton, Bermuda

Bourne Consulting Engineering has been retained by the Bermuda Government through the Ministry of Works and Engineering with Ronald R. Bourne, PE as Principal-in-Charge and Project Manager. The project consists of upgrading six existing ferry sites and the creation of three new ferry landings to meet the requirements of the US ADA Regulations. The project is in conjunction with the Government of Bermuda's upgrading of its ferry fleet to include higher speed catamarans. Mr. Bourne's responsibilities include management of the project team, meeting the client's goals for design and function, presentation of the schematic designs, preparation of the preliminary design report setting design standards to be used in the project, evaluating construction methods and the over-seeing of the facility design. BCE was also responsible to oversee development of designs and material selections to provide minimize the maintenance burden of the facilities. These existing and new passenger landing sites will provide safer berthing for the operators as well as for boarding of ferries. Sensitivity to the environmental issues, aesthetics of the island and appropriateness of the landing facility to the community are major concerns in the designs.

Bayshore Ferry Terminal
Compton's Creek
Monmouth County, NJ

This proposed project called for a new ferry terminal for providing commuter boat service from the north shore of New Jersey to Manhattan. The project consisted of providing four berths for high-speed catamaran vessels and insuring that it met all accessibility requirements in accordance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). In addition, careful consideration was made in the process of developing ramping in access areas so that passengers had smooth access to and from the ferries. Specific points included: extra-wide gangways, consideration for point vessel departure and landside preferred travel routes.

Harbor Express
Water Transportation Alternatives, Inc.
Quincy and Boston, MA

Bourne Consulting Engineering worked closely with WTAI in the development of ferry terminals in Quincy and Boston including performing all permitting and development of the gangways, ramp and platform system to provide ADA accessibility and to meet the new Massachusetts Architectural Access Board (MAAB) regulations imposed in February 1996. Specific features of these designs included extra-wide gangways and ramp systems, direct access from vessel to shore side without switchbacks and the utilization of long gangways to insure easy transition of all passengers with and without disabilities.

East Boston Commuter Ferry Service
East Boston, MA

Bourne Consulting Engineering was selected by the contractor to design floating barge units for this new commuter ferry service from East Boston to Long Wharf. Bourne Consulting Engineering worked closely with the ramping designer to ensure that all critical elevations, as well as overall barge trim and list were accounted for.

East Boston Community Boating Facilities
East Boston, MA

Bourne Consulting Engineering was retained to provide the final design and drawings for the aluminum gangway, ramp and platform system. Bourne Consulting Engineering was responsible for reviewing the proposed ramp system and modifying as necessary to ensure compliance with ADA. In addition, Bourne Consulting Engineering was retained to provide full engineering calculations and design of the 150 x 60 foot steel float on which the ramps and platforms were constructed. Work included analysis of list and trim and calculation of ballasting. Also included was the analysis on damage control to ensure float survivability should one or more compartments become flooded.

Lovejoy Wharf Ferry Terminal
Mass Highway Department - CA/T
Boston, MA

Bourne Consulting Engineering was retained to design the aluminum gangways, ramps and platform systems associated with a new ferry terminal at Lovejoy Wharf which was part of the Central Artery mitigation condition and was to provide passenger ferry service from North Station to South Station. Work included providing all design calculations and construction drawings for this facility as well as design of railing systems on the barge and on the upland landing.

Kelly's Landing Docking Facility
Metropolitan District Commission
South Boston, MA

Bourne Consulting Engineering has been retained as part of the design team for MDC's Back to the Beaches project at South Boston Beaches. This project (among other things) calls for the construction of a dock facility at the end of Kelly's Landing that will provide full accessibility in accordance with ADA and MAAB. Specifically, Bourne Consulting Engineering will be responsible for the design of the float and mooring piles as well as the design of the gangways, ramps and platform systems to meet requirements of these regulatory agencies. Design calls for full aluminum gangway, ramp and platform system on a steel barge with perimeter fendering for a small vessel docking facility.